The Most Ridiculously Expensive Ticket

Fed up with complaints over rising festival ticket prices, Fuzzy Events offered the “World’s Most Ridiculously Expensive Ticket” for its Parklife festival in Australia.

For A$7,000 (US$7,370), the patron enters through a slip ’n’ slide, gets a backstage VIP area with cabin and bar, a cocktail named after the ticket holder, a personal publicist, stylist and drinks valet, a sedan chair to be carried around in, and a side-stage view of the performances.

Fuzzy’s John Wall admits the idea was frivolous but is surprised by the volume of inquiries.

One gold ticket is available at each of the five cities the festival visits Sept. 24 to Oct. 3.

All profits go to Heaps Decent, a charity for disadvantaged and indigenous children, for which Parklife patrons have raised $100,000 over the past two years.