Known for their picketing of American military members’ funerals and other events in their hateful “God Hates Fags” campaign against gays, the Westboro Baptist Church headed by Phelps targeted the Foo Fighter’s Sept. 16 gig at the Sprint Center. However, the Foos had a little surprise of their own.

While Westboro Baptist Church protestors were picketing the venue, along came the Foo Fighters onboard a flatbed truck. Wearing a cowboy hat on top of a wig, Grohl told the picketers that the band had a song just for them right before the Foos launched into their gay-love tune called “Keep It Clean (Hot Buns).

Apparently the Foo Fighters ended up on Phelps’ radar when the band released “Keep It Clean” in August. On Aug. 30th, Phelps posted one of his hellfire and brimstone rants on the church’s website, calling the Foos “God-hating fools.”

Of course, Phelps is known for ranting against almost everything under the sun in his never-ending quest to stamp out The Gay. In addition to his diatribe against the Foo Fighters, other postings on the Westboro Baptist Church website include such headlines as “Thank God For Sept. 11th,” “WBC To Picket Evil Fiddler Charlie Daniels” and “Thank God For At Least 40 Killed By Hurricane Irene!”  As of this posting, Phelps most recent announcement carried the title, “WBC Will Picket The Funerals Of Reno’s Fiery Air Crash Dead. 9 Dead & Counting. Thank God!”