Okay, the offer isn’t completely altruistic. Besides wanting to help the economy and reduce unemployment, Keith Burns and Michelle Poe’s latest single is called “I Need A Job.” So there’s a promotion angle along with the opportunity for you to add one more employment description to the ol’ resume.

Here’s the deal. All job applicants are asked to create their own lyric video of “I Need A Job” using photos, graphics and/or video footage and then post the finished masterpiece to public web pages and social sites such as YouTube and Facebook. Burns & Poe will hire the applicant whose vid gets the most views. It’s that simple.

The new hire will work for Burns & Poe for one week and will interface with all facets of the country duo’s career, including management, publicity, record label and more in exchange for $500. Sure it’s a temp position, but it’s the music biz and there’s no telling where you might end up. Heck, even folks like David Geffen and Irving Azoff had to start somewhere.

But you need to start hustling now because Burns & Poe will announce the winner on their website Oct. 28. Visit BurnsAndPoe.com for more information.