Pollstar’s 30th Anniversary

Not everybody dreads the big Three-O. Pollstar is very proud to have made it to adulthood. Like the Blues Brothers’ car, we have managed to somehow just keep going, while other vehicles are left on the side of the road.

We’re very happy to have become an essential information tool for the concert industry. That being said, we decided for our 30th, rather than look inward, we would reach out to industry professionals for their reflections on 30 years in the business.

We are honored to get enlightening thoughts from longtime subscribers like Sharon Osbourne, Larry Magid and Sir Harvey Goldsmith. The comments from living legends like Ron Delsener, Alex Hodges, Arny Granat and so many others help us provide the context to reflect back on the past decades.

There’s also a Concert Industry History quiz to test how well you have been paying attention all these years. It’s designed to spark memories and, if you score really well, you should not only be proud of your knowledge but you might want to question if you’ve been in the game a little too long.

Also, we realized that nearly five years ago, the biggest names in the concert industry got on stage at the Concert Industry Consortium and predicted what changes would emerge in 2012. We had a chance to track down most of those figures to see if they thought they were more Kreskin or Crackpot. Click here for the story.

Of course, plenty of great classic photos have surfaced. Here’s a gallery of some of our favorites from back in the day.

And what’s with our cover photo, which also is displayed on this page? One of the best-known and award-winning concert poster artists of our time, Emek, graciously provided us with our custom cover artwork. He also provided a second cover spec that was so cool we used it in the magazine as well as on the Q&A page.

We really must thank all of you, our subscribers, for growing with us over the last 30 years of semi-organized chaos we call the concert industry. We would also be remiss if we didn’t recognize our staff of 50+ employees, half of whom have been with Pollstar for more than 10 years.

We hope you enjoy our 30th anniversary features and that they bring a smile to your face.



Q&A Sessions

Concert Industry Quiz

Back In The Day Photo Gallery

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