Rev Theory Cancels Tour After Freak Accident

For want of a bottle opener, a tour was lost.

A rather unusual encounter with a beer bottle has deep-sixed Rev Theory’s participation in the tour featuring Five Finger Death Punch along with All That Remains and Hatebreed.

While at a wedding reception in Las Vegas, Rev Theory guitarist Julien Jorgensen was standing near an individual who was trying to open a bottle of beer without using an opener. That’s when the bottle slipped, shattered and sliced Jorgensen’s left hand, severing a tendon.

Although a full recovery is expected, Jorgensen is understandably disappointed that his band’s tour plans have been nixed.

“I am super bummed that happened, and it is a freak accident,” Jorgensen said in a statement. “It is a helpless feeling. I feel bad about dropping off the tour and disappointing the fans. As soon as I am able, we will be back on the road.”

Photo: Jason Moore
Rock On The Range, Crew Stadium, Columbus, OH

Rev Theory was scheduled to play the in Las Vegas Saturday followed by joining Five Finger Death Punch on the “Share The Welt” tour beginning Oct. 16 in San Francisco and running through Dec. 14 in Saint Paul, Minn.

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