Drake’s tour routing showed him playing places like Columbus, Ohio, at Schottenstein Center Nov. 9; Fairfax, Va., at the Patriot Center Nov. 15; and Greensboro., N.C., at Greensboro Coliseum Complex Nov. 20. But that’s all water under yesterday’s bridge as today brought individual show cancellation notices on Ticketmaster, at least one newspaper announcing the tour’s demise, and a blog posting from Drake himself saying the tour would happen … later.

As to a reason for postponing the tour, Live Nation cited that ol’ concert biz villain known as “scheduling conflicts,” according to the Baltimore Sun.

Meanwhile, Drake posted an announcement on his blog saying the release of his new album, Take Care, has been pushed back to Nov. 15 and that he needs more time to complete it, saying that the “music means too much” to him “to get attached to dates.” As for a new time frame for the tour, Drake wrote that it will be moved “to when students are back from the Christmas/New Year Break” so he can “get to more schools.”

Drake ended his message saying new dates will be released next week.

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