The Ready Set

Things are moving quickly for The Ready Set, which tends to happen when a debut single goes platinum.

“We did Warped Tour in the spring, headlined the ‘Glamour Kills’ world tour, which sold out basically every room it went into, we’re [supporting] All Time Low in the fall, then headlining for two weeks right before Christmas. And the record comes out next year,” Paradigm’s Mike Marquis told Pollstar.

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The Ready Set is singer/songwriter Jordan Witzigreuter, who in 2009 self-recorded and released an album of heartfelt pop from his parents’ Fort Wayne, Ind., basement called Tantrum Castle.

It didn’t take long to be noticed, and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz signed him to his Decaydance Records shortly thereafter. Wentz was such a fan that he makes an appearance in the video for The Ready Set’s first single, “Love Like Woe,” which hit No. 15 on the U.S. Top 40 charts.

“The first tour he ever did was with Boys Like Girls, and we tried to maintain that higher-profile look for him from the beginning,” Marquis said. “He didn’t really do a ton of smaller tours to kind of build up. We positioned him to come out strong.”

At the end of October The Ready Set will be doing large clubs supporting All Time Low on the East Coast and South, including two House of Blues. From there he will headline clubs including Toad’s Place in New Haven, Conn., through most of December.

Details are still being worked out for spring 2012 after the new album drops, but it helps when a client likes being on the road.

Photo: Owen Sweeney

“He wants to go out and play clubs and connect with fans and hang out with them and show them that he’s the real deal,” Marquis said. “And he wants to have a career, which is awesome, and makes our life a lot easier.

“2012 is going to be big for him. I think he’s going to prove that he’s a real talent next year.”