More UB40 Bankruptcy

A week after four members of UB40 declared bankruptcy, the news has come out that the British reggae band’s former singer, Ali Campbell, declared bankruptcy earlier this year.

The Sun reports that Campbell was declared insolvent in Bournemouth County Court in June.

Campbell quit UB40 in 2008, leaving his brother Duncan as the band’s frontman. The singer blamed “management difficulties” for his departure, according to BBC News. An open letter to fans on the band’s website discussed his unhappiness with administrative practices as well as his ongoing investigation into how his business affairs were handled in relation to UB40.

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AVO Session, Basle, Switzerland

Last week UB40 saxophonist Brian Travers, drummer Jimmy Brown, trumpeter Terence “Astro” Oswald and percussionist Norman Hassan were declared bankrupt by a judge at Birmingham County Court. The Telegraph reports that a one-year court order gives tax officers the right to seize property to pay off any outstanding debts. 

A spokeswoman for Campbell recently commented on his former bandmates’ money issues, conveniently leaving out the fact that the singer had already declared bankruptcy.

“It is ironic that the very week they celebrate their first gig they have been declared bankrupt, after administration began in 2006, vindicating both Ali and Mickey Virtue’s decision to leave UB40,” she said, according to The Telegraph.

In July Campbell said he tried to warn the group about the danger of bankruptcy. 

“This is the very reason why I left the band,” he said. “This was my biggest fear when I was with them, that bankruptcy was going to happen and no-one can say I didn’t warn them.”

According to The Sun, a post on UB40’s website blamed the band’s money issues on Campbell’s departure.

“The difficulties were a result of our singer leaving. It caused us to lose several million pounds worth of work, creating a black hole.”

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