You can’t blame fans for being excited about the tour. One of the most acclaimed bands to rise out of the Manchester music scene in the late ’80s, the Stone Roses broke up in 1996. As rumors circulated through 2011 that the band was contemplating getting back together, fans anxiously awaited the official word that their dreams were about to become a reality.

News of an official reunion broke early last week with the news that the band would play two nights at Heaton Park in Manchester June 29-30. With both shows selling out within minutes, the band added a third night – July 1 at the venue.

But rumors of a tour kept fans on edge. So when fansite posted what appeared to be a summer tour in the U.K. and Europe, news quickly spread throughout the Stone Roses universe.

But not everything you read online is true. Brit music mag NME reports that a Stone Roses spokesman said the routing wasn’t the real deal, calling the list of dates “completely untrue.”

Meanwhile, the fansite seems to be taking it all in stride. A message posted after the dates were determined to be fantasy says it hopes NME’s claim is true because “some of the venues were very unpopular choices with fans.”

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