Adele Pope and Robert Buchanan, who were removed as trustees in the settlement, recently argued in court that the state’s attorney general did not have the authority to OK the deal.

But the former trustees seem to be alone in their objections to the deal. Brown’s children are apparently OK with the settlement, which ended years of infighting between family members following the singer’s death in 2006.

The deal gave half of the Godfather of Soul’s assets to an educational fund, one quarter to his widow and the rest to his children.

According to recently uncovered details of the settlement, a money manager was able to wipe out the estate’s debt by licensing Brown’s music for use in commercials and rebuilt funds in a trust that had depleted to $14,000.

The state AG’s office has argued in court that Pope and Buchanan paid themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sale of Brown’s possessions and claimed “$5 million in fees and want to scuttle a settlement so that the litigation will continue.”