Frehley played guitar for KISS from 1973-1982. The Spaceman reunited with the group in 1996 then split with KISS once again in 2002.

“No Regrets,” which was released Tuesday, claims that his former bandmate had a very busy love life, according to the New York Post. But Gene had no game before the band got popular.

“I believe Gene is a sex addict, in much the same way I am an alcoholic,” Frehley writes. “If you’ve been with only one or two women (and had to beg for whatever you got off them), it must be intoxicating to suddenly have groupies falling all over you.

“You go from getting laid once or twice a year to getting laid a hundred times by a hundred different women. We all have our issues and vices, and I saw Gene’s behavior affect him and the band sometimes in a negative way.”

Frehley added Simmons had a little problem with a certain type of lice, explaining that he lived “in a state of perpetual infestation.”

Simmons, who married his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his two children in October, didn’t deny (or confirm) Frehley’s claims.

“Fact: Ace has been a drug addict and alcoholic for 35 years. Fact: We love Ace and wish him all the best,” he told the Post.