Pitbull Sues LiLo

If one thought at least one lawsuit du jour was over, think again. Pitbull, who had legal beagles sicced on him for using Lindsay Lohan in a rhyme, has filed a countersuit.

The rapper got sued for a line in his hit song “Give Me Everything” where he said he “got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” The line didn’t sit well with LiLo. He eventually apologized in public but the lawsuit hasn’t been dropped.

Photo: Scott Legato / RockStarProPhotography.com
The Palace Of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, Mich.

Now Pitbull has filed a countersuit. He originally said he meant no harm to her reputation but now claims his lyric is justified by her latest courtroom appearances, according to Rolling Stone.

Also, the suit questions if Lohan is eligible to file her claim in New York.

“In light of Ms. Lohan’s continuing obligations to the State of California, as well as the foregoing facts, Ms. Lohan is a citizen of California, not New York,” the suit reportedly says.