Driver Denies All Good Blame

The driver of a vehicle that struck a tent of sleeping women, killing one, at the All Good Festival in July has denied responsibility for the campground accident.

Clay Lewin allegedly lost control of his truck and careened 30 or 40 feet down a hillside at the West Virginia festival, striking two other vehicles before plowing into a tent.

Lewin was named alongside the promoter of the fest, Walther Productions, and several other companies in a number of lawsuits filed by families of the victims.

Walther Productions denied responsibility for the accident last month and filed a cross-claim accusing Lewin of negligence.

In his response, Lewin asked for the suit to be dismissed and laid blame on parking and security agents at the event, who he claims told him to park “in close proximity” to tents on a steep, grassy slope.

He alleges that when he tried to leave the festival, no attendants were there to help him drive toward the road and he lost control of the truck, rolling into the tent.

Still, the response calls the situation a “sudden emergency” and notes Lewin responded with “reasonable care” during the incident.

A conference on the numerous claims and sub-claims associated with the case is scheduled for Dec. 16.