Orlando Holes Republic’s Pocket

Orlando Calling, Festival Republic’s U.S. venture, left “a big hole” in the promoter’s pocket when the attendance was about half of what was expected.

About 100,000 punters were expected at The Citrus Bowl Nov. 12-13, but the festival’s future may be in doubt after the crowd was closer to 50,000.

“It’s a big hole in the pocket, I’ll tell you that”, said Melvin Benn, head of London-based Festival Republic.

He estimated losses at “a couple of million plus” and told reporters from Florida’s WFTV that he’d have take a look at the figures before deciding it the event would return in 2012.

The local TV station reported the festival had still provided a boost to the local economy, with every visitor estimated to have spent at least $1,000 on their visit.

The acts on the bill included Kid Rock, Bob Seger, The Killers, Pixies, The Raconteurs, Doobie Brothers, and The Roots.