Ceca Denies Beating Up Soccer Boss

Serbian folk diva Svetlana Raznatovic has denied that she and an accomplice beat up the manager of a soccer club and claimed she was the one in danger.

Appearing in a Belgrade court Dec. 26, Raznatovic – better known as “Ceca” – said: “He [the manager] even wanted to attack me. I have never caused any incidents.”

Ceca has owned FK Obilic since 2000, when she inherited the soccer club from her warlord husband Zeljko Raznatovic.
Also known as “Arkan,” Zeljko was gunned down in the lobby of Belgrade’s Inter Continental Hotel.

In 2010 Ceca was charged with embezzling $3 million from the sale of FK Obilic players.

In May 2011 some plea bargaining led to her accepting 8 months under house arrest and agreeing to repay $2 million of the money.

Ceca, one of the most popular (and highest paid) artists in The Balkans, is known for her plunging necklines and hoarse voice.

She entered the world of show business in 1988, aged 15. Two years later her third album sold 350,000 copies in the former Yugoslavia. Her concerts still attract crowds of 20,000-plus.