Tailgating Back At Jiffy Lube Live

Officials at the 25,000-capacity Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Va., have lifted the ban on tailgating enacted last May that led to many disgruntled concertgoers.

Venue GM Matt Rogers told the Washington Post the change was a result of backlash over the policy.

“Fan feedback is critical to help improve our operations and create the best possible concert experience for our fans,” Rogers told the paper. “The decision was made after listening to our fans and doing our due diligence.

“With the new policy and guidelines, we want nothing more than to work with our fans to create a safe and friendly ‘pre-concert’ environment.”

New guidelines still prohibit tents and canopies, and police and venue staff will still patrol tailgaters in search of open containers in the parking lots, the paper said.

Officials chose to ban tailgating at the Live Nation-run facility before the summer concert season to curb drunken driving incidents and underage drinking. At the time, there had been four post-concert, alcohol-related deaths in two years.

Parrotheads were especially miffed about the policy during a Sept. 1 Jimmy Buffett concert when their usual parking lot festivities were curtailed.