The El Paso, Texas-based group revealed its plans with a tweet sent out earlier today.

“¡ ATTENTION ! To whom it may concern: AT THE DRIVE-IN will be breaking their 11 year silence THIS STATION IS …NOW…OPERATIONAL”

The tweet references the band’s 2005 compilation album, This Station Is Non-Operational. In addition to its new Twitter page, which sent out its first tweet in October, At The Drive-In also has a new website. features the message from today’s tweet on the top of the site as well as a 13-second video.

At The Drive-In Website Intro from MONDIAL on Vimeo.

At The Drive-In was founded in 1993 and put out its debut album, Acrobatic Tenement, in 1996. Its third and most recent studio album, Relationship Of Command, was released in September 2000. On March 27, 2001 the band announced it was going on an “indefinite hiatus.”

“After a non-stop six-year cycle of record/tour/record/tour, we are going on an indefinite hiatus,” guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez said. “We need time to rest up and re-evaluate, just to be human beings again and to decide when we feel like playing music again.”

Along with the news of the hiatus, At The Drive-In also canceled its 2001 U.S. tour. The month before that At The Drive-In had called off the last five dates of its European tour. 

Rodriguez-Lopez and vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala formed The Mars Volta in 2001. Guitarist Jim Ward, bassist Paul Hinojos and drummer Tony Hajjar started Sparta that same year. Hinojos left Sparta in 2005 and then teamed up with his other former bandmates in The Mars Volta between 2005-2009.
here for At The Drive-In’s website and here for the band’s Twitter page.