Allocco Still In Angola

Promoter Patrick Allocco of AllGood Concerts was still in the African country of Angola Jan. 9 , where he and his son have been since late December, while the U.S. State Department and Angola officials hash out a money dispute over two canceled New Year’s Eve concerts with rapper Nas.

Allocco had booked Nas for two concerts, and accepted $300,000 up front, but the rapper didn’t make the trip. Angolan promoter Henrique Miguel wants his $300,000 deposit back plus $50,000 in additional expenses, according to the New Jersey Ledger.

Nas previously said the cancellation was part of a miscommunication and he would do his part to help solve the situation.

Allocco told the paper Jan. 9 that Nas wired his attorney $200,000 but the remaining balance had yet to be seen.

Officials continue to work to resolve the dispute, the paper said.