Paradigm, AM Only Join Forces

AM Only, a leading agency representing hundreds of electronic music artists, producers and DJs, has entered a joint venture with Paradigm, which will avail artists of its full spectrum of services, the companies announced Jan. 12.

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based AM Only retains its name, location and staff. Chip Hooper, Paradigm’s head of music, told Pollstar that while his company will serve as a business partner, “nothing is going to change” at AM Only.

“We have become partners. Paul Morris and I have become wonderful friends and are excited to work together,” Hooper said. “They are going to continue as AM Only … a phenomenal company with wonderful people and leaders in their genre.”

The deal gives Paradigm a major foothold in the electronic dance music field and, in return, AM Only gains access to expanded representation across new platforms including television, motion pictures, theatre, publishing, branding, commercials and endorsements.

What the joint venture also gives AM Only is the ability to maintain its own identity, culture and character, an important factor to president Paul Morris.

“AM Only will continue to do business in the same way it has for the last 16 years, only now we will have even greater resources and expertise at our disposal,” Morris told Pollstar. “We will keep the name, the Brooklyn address and most of all our passion for the music and the scene that gave rise to our agency.”

AM Only’s clients include SkrillexTiesto and David Guetta. Paradigm wasn’t alone in considering a partnership with AM Only. CAA, ICM and William Morris Endeavor are also believed to have been in the hunt.

“I have gotten to know Sam (Gores), Greg (Bestick), Chip (Hooper) and Marty (Diamond) over a period of years, and through my conversations and dealings with them I came to realize that we shared similar attitudes and perspectives on how we do business, on artist development and so on, “I came to feel that they really understood where I was coming from and where I wanted to take things and could best help me take the company where I wanted it to go,” Morris said of his decision to join forces with Paradigm.

Clearly, Paradigm agrees.

“By becoming partners with Paradigm, AM Only have brought in a group of like-minded people to help grow their business and create great opportunities for their clients.” Hooper said.

“We’re excited to be working with a wonderful agency and a great group of artists. We will help them organically, one step at a time. It’s about us getting involved with a group of people we really believe in. I have unlimited respect for Paul Morris.”

Hooper and Morris emphasized AM Only will continue booking its artists, with Paradigm bringing in its considerable resources when it makes sense to do so on an artist-by-artist basis.

“As music producers, many of them will be interested in exploring opportunities in film, television, commercials and other audio/visual media,” Morris explained. “Our partnership with Paradigm will also open more doors for our clients in the branding and sponsorship areas.

“Moreover, our artists will also be able to avail themselves of all the divisions that Paradigm has to offer, enabling them to pursue whatever creative and entrepreneurial endeavors interest them.”