Tähtinen’s Chance To Build Nordic Hub

Tuomo Tähtinen’s appointment as executive director of the newly created Music Finland could mean the so-called Nordic Hub comes a step closer to reality.

Along with Tallinn Music Week organiser Helen Sildna and By:Larm head Vegard Waske, Tähtinen is keen to create a network that stretches from Oslo to Moscow.

Prior to last May’s Music & Media, the Finnish music business gathering where Tähtinen is project manager, he told Pollstar that his country is ideally located to be the centre of this “Nordic Hub” as the short ferry ride between Helsinki and Tallinn is the bridge between Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

His role at Music Finland has come as a result of the merging of Music Export Finland and the Finnish Music Information Centre.

In November Tähtinen took over as acting executive director of Music Export Finland, after Paulina Ahokas left the post to become managing director of Tampere Hall.

This year’s Tallinn Music Week is in the Estonian capital March 29-31. By:Larm is in Oslo, Norway, Feb. 16-18.