Adele Tells Vogue She’s Done With Break-Up Music

Adele’s songs about breakups and heartache have made her a multi-Grammy award winner but she insists she’s done with all that.

In an interview featured in the March issue of Vogue magazine, the 23-year-old says people think she’s “miserable” because of her songs like “Someone like you” and “Rolling in the Deep.” She also finds people are “surprised” when they meet her because she’s not melancholy like her music. In fact, the singer vows to “never” write a breakup record again and adds she’s “done being a bitter witch.”

Adele has a lot to be happy about. She won six Grammy awards Sunday night, including record and album of the year. 21 was 2011’s best-selling album.

Photo: AP Photo
Accepts the award for best pop solo performance during the 54th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

The March issue of Vogue goes on sale Feb. 21.