Allocco told the New Jersey Star-Ledger Feb. 14 the local prosecutor was supposed to reach a decision regarding the case by Feb. 13, but nothing happened. Fraud charges against the men have since been dropped but their passports have yet to be returned.

The Alloccos have been in the West African country since New Year’s Eve weekend when two concerts featuring rappers Nas and Jemiah Jai didn’t happen. As a result, the men were not allowed to leave the country until promoter Henrique Miguel got his $300,000 deposit back plus $75,000 he incurred in expenses setting up the shows.

Nas returned the $300,000 by Jan. 31. Allocco said at the time that arrangements to pay the $75,000 in installments were being discussed.

Meanwhile, the New Jersey-born residents remain at the hotel they’ve been confined to as the U.S. Embassy and U.S. State Department work out the situation.

“People keep reassuring us that there is some modicum of law,” Allocco told the paper. “We expect to be going home.”