The Case Of The Disappearing Whitney Movies

Netflix customers wanting to stream Whitney Houston’s movies are apparently out of luck and will have to buy the DVDs instead. Which is just fine with Warner Bros.

Yes, there are no Whitney movies, including “The Bodyguard,” streaming on Netflix for the time being. Thankfully, Google Plus host Dan McDermott is on the case according to The Daily Caller. Wanting nothing but the facts, McDermott contacted a Netflix representative for the answer.

What did the rep tell McDermott? Only that Houston’s films had been pulled because Warner Bros. saw an opportunity to clean up on DVD sales.

“I just went and talked to my main supervisor as to why the movie had been pulled and the reason it was pulled was the production company pulled the streaming rights from us because all the publicity after Whitney Houston’s passing there was an opportunity to make really a very large amount of money on the DVD sales of her movies. So they’re going to pull all the streaming titles we have of Whitney Houston so they can make more money off the DVD sales of her movies.”

At least they’re honest about it.

Photo: AP Photo
Performing at the pre-Grammy gala & salute to industry icons with Clive Davis honoring David Geffen in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Last week iTunes U.K. received some media flak after Houston’s albums went up in price on the online music store shortly after the singer’s death. However, Sony said Houston’s albums were “mistakenly mispriced” and promised to refund the difference to anyone who purchased the music at the inflated prices.