Ticketmaster Announces App

Ticketmaster has announced that if you want to buy tickets on an iPhone, they’ve got an app for that.

TM’s press release follows:

Ticketmaster, a Live Nation Entertainment company, today released their Ticketmaster app for iPhone® and it is currently available on the App Store(SM). iPhone users can use the app to discover events, browse event details and purchase tickets. As an extension of Ticketmaster.com, the app allows users to log into their MyTicketmaster account for a seamless purchasing experience on their iPhone.

“Our team is focused on delivering a cool, fan-friendly experience for buying tickets on all kinds of devices. Our new Ticketmaster app is the definitive way for fans to find and purchase tickets for events using their iPhone,” said Kip Levin, executive vice president of eCommerce, Ticketmaster. “It is a must-have for every fan of live events.”

The Ticketmaster app for iPhone scans users’ iTunes music library to understand music preferences and users can choose to have the iPhone’s built-in location services activated to automatically recommend relevant upcoming local events. Fans can further personalize the recommended shows by using more than 40 preset filters.

The app also offers deep social media connections, allowing fans to easily Tweet and Facebook® during the discovery phase, after purchasing tickets and check in on Foursquare during the event, helping to extend the fun and excitement of the event beyond the event itself.

Fans can download the free app on the App Store at: http://m.ticketmaster.com/app.