LEAs Look Wide Open

It’s never easy to predict who will win live entertainment awards but this year’s German “Oscars” have a particularly open look to them.

Dieter Semmelmann’s Semmel Concerts appears to be the only company with a chance of winning two of them, although in reality it would be only one and a half.

In the Co-operation Of The Year category, Semmel would share the prize with Follow Me Entertainment. The two worked together on “Shadowland,” a dance show that gives the illusion of being performed by shadows.

To win Promoter Of The Year, Semmelmann’s company will have to beat strong opposition from Ossy Hoppe’s Wizard Promotions, Michael Bisping’s AAS Concerts and Marek Lieberberg, whose firm is the only one to have won three LEAs in one year.

The shortlists for three of the categories haven’t been announced, but Lieberberg’s record looks safe.

The German Live Entertainment Awards are at Frankfurt Festival Hall March 20.