Folk Singer Murder Arrest

Police in Colombia have arrested a man accused of masterminding an ambush that led to the death of Argentine folk singer Facundo Cabral last year.

Cabral was killed while Nicaraguan promoter Henry Farinas was driving him to the airport in July. Cars flanked the vehicle and gunmen opened fire, killing the singer and injuring Farinas.

Authorities later said the attack was aimed at Farinas.

Police arrested Alejandro Jiminez, who allegedly has ties to a money laundering ring in Central America, aboard a cruise ship outside Colombia March 12.

Several other suspects were arrested last year in connection with the killing, but Jiminez was a fugitive at that point. Now, he reportedly faces extradition back to his home country of Costa Rica, where he faces drug trafficking and money laundering charges, or to Guatemala, where he faces a murder charge.

“We are very pleased with the news, because it confirms that international cooperation delivers results,” Costa Rican Attorney General Jorge Chavarria told Radio Reloj.