T In The China

Geoff Ellis, the head of DF Concerts and the founder of popular Scotland festival T in the Park, is in talks with officials in Beijing to stage a similar event in China.

Ellis told Scotland on Sunday he has so far received “encouraging noises” from Chinese officials.

Ellis has already toured potential sites in China and has discussed holding a festival with the governor of one eastern province that he didn’t name. The plan is to have the festival in 2013 and eventually make it an annual event. The concert would include international artists and Chinese acts.

“I have a partner in China,” he told the magazine, “and we’ve had some very good discussions. I don’t think it’s possible to do a festival in Beijing or Shanghai, but it’s possible to do one within traveling distance of both cities.

“China’s so big that people can be very successful just in their own market. But there’s a market there for a festival and I love the country. It’s nothing like you imagine it’s going to be.”

Ellis was especially impressed by the Chinese artists he saw perform.

“They were all quite humble to meet somebody from outside the country who works in the music industry,” he told Scotland on Sunday. “I saw them play and there was a massive reaction, the same you’d get at a Foo Fighters or Radiohead gig.”