Sonisphere Knebworth Canceled

The headline says it all as the traveling rock festival scratches the town off of its itinerary.

Saying they couldn’t put on the kind of festival that fans and artists expect, Sonisphere organizers nixed the Knebworth stop scheduled for July 6-8. The festival’s lineup, which was to include Adam Lambert performing with Queen, also featured KISS, Faith No More, Marilyn Manson, a reunited Refused, The Darkness, Evanescence and more.

From Sonisphere’s website:

“It is with very heavy hearts and much regrets that we announce the cancellation of Sonisphere Knebworth 2012.

“Putting the festival together in what is proving to be a very challenging year was more difficult than we anticipated and we have spent the last few months fighting hard to keep Sonisphere in the calendar. Unfortunately circumstances have dictated that we would be unable to run the festival to a standard that both the artists and that Sonisphere’s audience would rightly expect.”

The posting also said ticketholders would “automatically receive a full refund direct from their ticket agents.”

Remember, the cancelation applies to Knebworth only and Sonisphere festivals scheduled for Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Finland and France are still on the books.