Lustig’s Mega-Millions Strategy

In the 25 years Richard Lustig has owned and operated Lustig Talent Enterprises, trial and error has no doubt been part of a strategy for success. And that strategy has brought Lustig a new title – seven-time Florida Lottery grand-prize winner and a book that explains how he made that good fortune happen.

The Orlando, Fla., resident has won lotteries in Florida seven times, with some of the jackpots being $843,000 and $73,000. He told Pollstar that hitting his seventh grand prize in 2010 for $100,000 is the result of a very painstaking process.

“I started playing the Lottery like everybody else did when it started here in Florida 22 years ago,” Lustig said. “I was buying my tickets here and there, losing most of the time or winning a few bucks. After a couple of years of that, I said to myself, ‘There’s got to be a better way.’”

“This isn’t something where I had a dream and boom! – all of a sudden it’s working. This is years and years of trial and error to develop this method. “I won my first Lottery game grand prize almost 18 years ago [when] my son was two weeks old. That, of course, made me a little more confident in what I was doing.”

After Lustig won his fourth or fifth Lottery game grand prize and numerous other small cash prizes, people who previously were skeptical began to ask the inevitable question: “What’s your secret?” He then decided to write down the steps explaining his method, which started out as a seven-page report that he sold for $30.

Lustig’s report has since expanded to 25 pages that he’s sold on his website,, for $40, which has led to a soon-to-be published book titled “Learn How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery.”

So why is Lustig literally “sharing the wealth?” He says, “Why not?”

“I really do want people to win. Anybody can do what I’m doing if they buy my method, read it and follow it,” he told Pollstar. “What I’m selling people isn’t a ‘magic potion.’ They have to follow it exactly as I’ve written it and it does take some work.

“[But] if you follow my method, you will increase your chances of winning.”