Shootings Silence Jeezy Shows

Canadian promoters may think twice before booking Young Jeezy following two separate shooting incidents during a pair of the rapper’s recent Ontario concerts.

A show at Toronto’s Sound Academy April 4 ended before Jeezy could even take the stage when gunfire left one man in serious condition with multiple wounds, the Toronto Sun reported.

Though Jeezy failed to address the shooting on Twitter, he did note that police had shut down the club and he promised to return to the city.

But the next night it was same story, different venue.

A witness at the London Music Club told the Sun he was listening to an opening act April 5 when shots rang out from the back of the bar, causing the crowd to surge forward and sending fans scrambling. One man was taken to the hospital and treated for non life-threatening wounds and two others were treated for superficial wounds, the paper said.

Another witness questioned how a concertgoer was even able to sneak a firearm into the show, given the noticeably tight security that evening.

“I don’t know how something like that could’ve really happened,” he said. “It was like an airport after 9/11. It was intense.”

The venue had reportedly taken extra precautions to beef up security, bringing in several police officers and a private security firm to search patrons prior to entry.

A police investigation into the shootings is under way.

Jeezy’s April 6 performance at the Olympia De Montreal in Quebec was canceled.