In a decision made public Monday, the state licensing agency alleged Dr. Donald Jay Altfeld prescribed Xanax, Norco and other drugs for himself, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Altfeld co-wrote the song “The Little Old Lady From Pasadena,” which was first recorded by duo Jan & Dean.  It was later performed by The Beach Boys on 1964’s Beach Boys Concert.

In July 2010, a pharmacist in Ventura refused to fill a prescription Altfeld called in for himself, according to the decision. Altfeld then allegedly asked a patient to take a prescription and fill it to obtain medications for the doctor’s own use.

In August of 2010, Altfeld was seen wandering his Ventura neighborhood barefoot and wearing feces-covered long johns, according to the filing.

After several hospitalizations and incidents of erratic behavior, Altfeld was examined by a psychiatrist appointed by the medical board in 2011.

Altfeld was determined to be a mentally ill drug abuser incapable of safely practicing medicine, according to the decision.

Altfeld represented himself in his licensing hearings and could not be reached for comment on Monday.