So Much For Madonna

Despite all the hype over Madonna’s 12th album, MDNA, its sales have dropped immensely since it debuted April 4 at No. 1 on the Nielsen SoundScan Top 200 Albums chart, setting a record in the process.

MDNA’s second-week sales declined 87 percent, from 358,653 in the first week to 47,696, sliding to No. 8. Those figures reportedly set a SoundScan record for biggest drop for a No. 1 album.

The album was available for pre-sale on iTunes and as a perk for fans buying tickets to Madonna’s concerts.

Why such a big drop in one week? reports it’s because of a lack of album promotion while Madonna focused on rehearsing for her tour, with the idea that the music would speak for itself.

Industry wag Bob Lefsetz says it’s because the Material Girl is stuck in a time warp.

“She tried to play the young-person’s game. By associating with hitmakers du jour, getting plastic surgery and working out to the point where she can dance the night away,” Lefsetz wrote April 10. “The only problem is young people see her as their mother, she’s got no momentum, and old people, her contemporaries, have saggy, lumpy bodies and cringe at someone clinging so hard to youth.

“How could Madonna be so out of touch?”