Judge Tosses Most WWE Claims

Linda McMahon, World Wrestling Entertainment’s ex-CEO and U.S. Senate candidate, can claim a victory in the legal ring with the dismissal of a substantial portion of a lawsuit against her by the widow of a WWE performer.

Martha Hart sued WWE and McMahon in 2010 claiming the company used the image of her late husband, Owen Hart, in videos and other materials without permission and despite her objections.

While Connecticut judge Stefan Underhill allowed the portion of the suit regarding the use of family photos including Owen Hart’s image and a claim for unpaid royalties to proceed, he dismissed claims against McMahon, her husband Vince, and most of those levied against WWE.

Underhill ruled WWE retained a right to Owen Hart’s wrestling career when he was under contract.

Owen Hart died in a televised stunt in 1999, when he fell from an apparatus while being lowered into the wrestling ring from the ceiling of Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Mo.