Primavera Grows To Three Days

The third PrimaveraPro conference in Spain will be a three-dayer and claims it has already attracted more delegates than the previous two years.

The conference at Barcelona’s Zero Hotel runs in parallel with Primavera Sound, the major Spanish festival on the other side of the road in the 35,000-capacity Parc del Fòrum.

This year Primavera Sound (May 30 to June 3), traditionally the first major festival of the Spanish outdoor season, has Bjork, Justice, Wilco, Death Cab For Cutie, and The xx.

Expanding the conference (May 30 to June 1) to three days will mean there will be 30 panel discussions, largely focusing on the role of the artist in society and in their music careers, festivals and big music events and new ways to promote and finance music.

One of the new attractions of the daytime programme is a series of interviews with important national and international artists.

Apart from talking about the development of their own careers, they’ll also participate in roundtable discussions that will analyse the current Spanish scene and the role of musicians “in these times of profound social change.”

The full list of key speakers will be announced in the next few days.