Yankees Fight With StubHub

The New York Yankees have lost their love for StubHub.

The baseball team is negotiating with the secondary ticketing company but its relationship appears headed toward the brink.

Stubhub has been an official partner of Major League Baseball for five years, but the Yankees aren’t happy that seats still available at the team’s official site for $15.20 can be bought on StubHub for as little as $3, according to the New York Post, which is less than a beer. It doesn’t help that StubHub has its own link on the Yankees’ website.

The contract with MLB ends after this season, according to the Post. There were 7,184 tickets on StubHub for an upcoming game at press time.

At issue is economic philosophy, with StubHub allowing the market to dictate price, while the Yankees want a floor. Sources said the Los Angeles Angels and other clubs want the same.

“That’s absolutely the No. 1 issue (with the Yankees),” one person familiar with the negotiations told the Post.

If the Yankees go solo, the pricing would reportedly be more rigorous, but nothing could stop patrons from reselling their tickets on StubHub or parent company eBay.

Yankees President Randy Levine confirmed to the Post the team is looking at options. StubHub would not comment on the deal.