Homeless Concert At Bill Graham Auditorium

The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco recently came up with an interesting solution to a chronic problem.

What do you do when homeless people continue to sleep at the doorstep of a venue night after night, to the chagrin of patrons, police and politicos?

The Civic Auditorium began blasting a cacophony of chainsaw, motorcycle and jackhammer sounds, accompanied by an aircraft carrier alarm, overnights, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Thus far, the noise appears to have worked.
Another Planet Entertainment operates the building and VP Mary Conde told the paper the company had received “an enormous amount of complaints” about the 20 to 40 homeless people in Civic Center park across the street.

So Another Planet took a page from the Panama invasion, where U.S. military tried to drive Manuel Noriega out of his home by playing rock music. In this case, APE downloaded industrial noises from iTunes and blasted them from the Civic Center’s outdoor speakers.

The industrial concerts have been “tremendously effective,” Conde added.

Another Planet’s Gregg Perloff told Pollstar the city has also been helpful in remedying the situation by opening up more beds to the homeless.

“Almost 95 percent have found alternative locations,” he said. “The city has been extremely responsive and the issue is going away very quickly.”