Andy Dick To Undergo Pretrial Diversion

Comedian Andy Dick has agreed to enter a pretrial diversion program that, if completed successfully, would absolve him of sex abuse charges arising from a 2010 nightclub incident, authorities said.

Corky Hammers, an assistant prosecutor in West Virginia’s Cabell County, said Monday that the program requires Dick to stay out of legal trouble for the next six months under the agreement. It allows for no drug use and no arrests during that time.

If Dick fails to comply, Hammers says Dick could be tried on felony charges stemming from the club incident in which he was accused of grabbing a bouncer’s crotch and groping and kissing a male patron at a Huntington bar. At the time, Dick was in town for a comedy club performance.

Dick wasn’t present for a status hearing Monday in the county circuit court. His attorney, Marc Williams, didn’t immediately return a phone message.

Hammers said that under the agreement, Dick also could be summoned for random drug screenings and must report to the county prosecutor’s office if he is arrested or has a run-in with police anywhere. He also must remain employed.

Two previous trial dates were postponed.

Hammers said Monday the case isn’t over, adding Dick must comply with the agreement’s terms and conditions. “If he doesn’t do that … we get to start from scratch and we get to try the case,” Hammers said.

Dick had a long-running stint in the 1990s on NBC’s “NewsRadio.” He briefly had his own program on MTV called “The Andy Dick Show.” He also has had roles in several movies, including “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and “Old School.”