StubHub Sued for Fake Knicks Ticket

A Long Island N.Y., man is suing StubHub for allegedly selling him a fake New York Knicks ticket that caused him to be booted from Madison Square Garden in front of his family.

The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court May 16, claims Randy Sarf paid more than $5,000 to an alleged online scalper for tickets for himself, his wife and five kids for a Feb. 22 game at Madison Square Garden during the height of Jeremy Lin mania, according to the New York Daily News.

Sarf said that upon arrival at the venue, security staff allowed his wife and children to go in but he was detained and told his ticket was fake.

“[My family was] very upset,” Sarf told the News. “They thought I did something wrong. My wife was nervous. She was three weeks away from giving birth.”

A StubHub rep was called to straighten out the mess, and the rep walked him to a VIP section, showed security some tickets and allegedly waved Sarf through without giving him a different ticket.

However, someone else was sitting in Sarf’s seat and security again identified his ticket as bogus. His call for a StubHub rep allegedly went unanswered and Sarf was escorted out of the venue.

The lawsuit seeks a total refund and damages for the emotional turmoil the children experienced, according to the paper.

A StubHub spokesman told the News the company declined to comment until the lawsuit had been reviewed.
Madison Square Garden is not named in the suit.