TM Seeks Ark. Rehearing

Attorneys for Ticketmaster have asked the Arkansas Supreme Court to reconsider a decision that could affect the way the company tacks on ticket fees in the state.

Justices ruled last month the state’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act does apply to TM, after a lower-court judge sought advice in a case that alleged the company had violated the trade law in adding on fees to tickets at the Verizon Arena.
TM argued in court at the time that the law focused on ticket scalping and did not apply to a primary ticketing company.

The company also said that because it was an agent of Verizon Arena, its price was the “box office sale price.”

In its petition for rehearing, Ticketmaster noted the Supreme Court ruling contains “errors of fact and law … that if uncorrected will have severe and unintended consequences for Ticketmaster, venues and consumers in Arkansas,” according to court documents.

The petition also argues the ruling could cause venues to cut ties with companies like TM, leading to higher ticket prices and fewer ticket purchasing options for consumers, the site said.