Abbey Road Live US Rebranded

The Abbey Road Live US brand has been renamed DiscLive Network to reflect the company’s new direction in live recording and production and the end of its affiliation with EMI Music Group and Abbey Road Studios.

“Music fans recognize the name DiscLive as being synonymous with quality live recordings, innovation and fan-experience products,” CEO Zach Bair said in a statement. “By relaunching our brand as DiscLive Network, we recognize the strength and importance of our eight years of experience in this space, while simultaneously positioning the company for exciting, new strategies and products.”

Bair added that “game-changing” live technology would be rolled out in the next 18 to 24 months.

DiscLive Network will be on the road with 3 Doors Down and Tesla this summer.

The new brand is operated exclusively by RockHouse Live Media Productions.