Odds & Ends: David Gilmour, Franz Ferdinand and CBGB

An unexploded WWII bomb forces David Gilmour and his wife to flee their home; Franz Ferdinand fans pepper-sprayed in Brazil and casting begins to fall in place for a film about famed New York City nightclub CBGB.

Bomb Scare Scares Gilmours

Guitarist David Gilmour and his wife were forced to leave their mansion in England’s East Sussex county after builders discovered a pipe-shaped device.

Seems The Gilmours were in the midst of renovating their six-story manse when workers uncovered what was later identified as a WWII German bomb, reports Classic Rock Magazine.

“They’ve found a bomb under our building site,” Polly Gilmour tweeted. “We think it’s a bit of old pipe but the Ministry of Defence are on their way.”

David Gilmour’s better half later tweeted that the bomb, identified as incendiary, had been removed and was “missing the bit that makes it go bang.”

Photo: AP Photo
Plaza San Marcos in Venice, Italy.

Peppering Franz Ferdinand Fans

If you ever go see Franz Ferdinand perform in Brazil, don’t try climbing the fence in order to avoid the long entrance line. That is, not unless you enjoy getting pepper-sprayed.

Fans attending Sao Paulo’s Cultura Inglesa Festival found out the hard way this past weekend, according to Brazilian paper Follha (via Rolling Stone). Fans were reportedly tear-gassed and pepper-sprayed by police after concert organizers temporarily closed the entrance gates in an attempt to reorganize the crowd. While some folks found a place outside the gates to view the concert, it was the die-hard fans who climbed the fence that prompted the spraying.

After the gig, Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos tweeted, “Hope any fans caught outside the gig tonight were OK and weren’t hurt in the collision with police I’m hearing about.” Kapranos later tweeted the neither he nor the band knew anything about the incident.

CBGB – The Movie

Considering all the bands that got their start at New York City’s CBGB during the late 1970s, you had to figure someone would eventually make a film about the establishment in the Bowery.

Looks like that time is now.

Produced by Lisa Kristal, daughter of the club’s founder, Hilly Kristal, and simply titled “CBGB,” the flick will feature Alan Rickman playing Hilly, Rupert Gint as Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome, and actress Malin Akerman as Blondie’s Deborah Harry, according to The Huffington Post.

The film’s cast list also includes Joel David Moore and Julian Acosta playing Joey and Johnny Ramone, respectively.

Photo: Greg Allen / GregAllenPhotos.com
Nokia Theatre, Times Square, New York City

Whether the flick will rock as hard as the club is anyone’s guess. Production begins, not in New York City, but Savannah, Ga., next month.