The Kent Stage doesn’t hide its paranormal presence. In fact, the stage is actively marketed as “The Haunted Stage” and the venue claims almost all the employees and volunteers have had experiences over the past decade.

In that spirit (sorry), the venue is hosting its annual Progressive Ghost Hunt June 30 from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. in partnership with the Spiritual Insight Ghost Hunting Team of Ohio. The hunt includes an investigation of the Pufferbelly Restaurant. Tickets are $68.

“We’re excited to again open our doors to other ghost hunters,” said co-owner Richele Charlton, who has had her own experiences.

“The last time we had a late-night ghost hunt it was unbelievable and amazing. We’ve seen phenomenal activity during past ghost hunts and with the recent construction in the building, there has been an extraordinary amount of activity all hours of the day and night.”

It’s unclear whether the ghosts are actually space aliens.

Charlton could not be reached for further comment at post time, but she has plenty to say in the videos below.