Allocco Jr.’s Puke Fest

Promoter Patrick Allocco has had his share of troubles, including recently being detained in Angola for almost two months after a financially disastrous Nas no-show. Now his son has had a bit of trouble, too, after vomiting on police cars.

Patrick Allocco Jr., 23, and Peter Cipollini were arrested by Hoboken, N.J., police around 4:30 a.m. June 23 after Allocco vomited on not one, but two police cruisers outside police headquarters, according to The Jersey Journal.

Cops approached the two men but they walked down the block, where Allocco proceeded to puke on the cop cars, according to police. Cipollini, standing next to Allocco, laughed before officers asked them to stop, according to reports. The pair started to walk, then run.

Police found Allocco hiding behind a bush in an alleyway and, after he was captured, told them, “I’m gonna f*** you up,” along with other expletives, according to the Morristown Patch. Allocco left behind “large amounts of vomit,” according to police.

Both were charged with obstructing the administration of the law and disorderly conduct. Allocco, who allegedly pulled away when being handcuffed, was charged with resisting arrest.