CAA Enters App Biz

In the race to drum up business, Creative Artists Agency has come up with a new venture to pad clients’ bottom lines.

The agency recently entered the app biz with “DancePad,” an iPad game that lets players use their fingers to simulate breakdancing.

“DancePad” was developed by publisher Moonshark. CAA is a partner in the company, which came straight out of the agency’s business-development department with funding from Qualcomm, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The app biz is reportedly booming with the market expected to reach $11.7 billion in 2012, and Moonshark will enlist CAA clients to help develop and market new apps that could capture a piece of that pie.

Jennifer Lopez, for instance, has signed on to market “DancePad” and director John Woo is in talks to write story lines for an action-adventure game, the WSJ said. Other offerings in the works include apps with comedian Demetri Martin and YouTube star Philip DeFranco.