OMG Kanye Is Difficult

Stop the presses: Irving Azoff may have come in contact with an “unmanageable” artist.

It’s true: the man who’s worked with Christina Aguilera, Morrissey, Axl Rose, Van Halen and the complexities of the Eagles family may have possibly said that Kanye West can be difficult.

Although Front Line has yet to comment, the New York Daily News ran an item that Kim Kardashian convinced her boyfriend of five months to give Azoff a go as his manager. Azoff has had a longtime relationship with the Kardashian family, going back to the days when patriarch Robert Kardashian ran Radio & Records.

The item – likely because anything that puts West in a bad light grabs readership – was all over the newswires within 24 hours. West allegedly was heard saying Azoff was “nothing special” and that he may fire the mogul. Meanwhile, a source on the other side told the News “[Azoff] doesn’t know if he’ll be able to continue on with the relationship.” West was previously managed by Gee Robertson.

Meanwhile, an “Azoff spokesman” told the paper it had “bad sources.”

No matter what, West is part of the Live Nation system – like Van Halen, he is what you could call “between agents” now that Cara Lewis has migrated from William Morris Endeavor to CAA. But, like Van Halen, that hasn’t stopped Live Nation from having the ability to put him on the road, which means that West has already seen what Azoff can do for him.