Bankruptcy Stops Shows

A K-pop concert featuring the popular girl group Kara scheduled for June 30 was canceled suddenly a week before the concert when the Japanese promoter declared bankruptcy.

DSP Media, the Korean agency for two of the scheduled acts, released a statement saying it received the news via a press release and not directly from the Osaka-based promoter, Infini Japan.

Ticket sales for the concert were not as high as expected and Infini was unable to make refunds because the company “could barely come up with the capital required for the bankruptcy filing,” according to Kyodo News.

Angry fans, unable to secure refunds, bombarded the company with phone calls and emails, except that they were bashing the wrong company.

There’s another entertainment firm with a name that, in Japanese, sounds like Infini, and it was forced to shut off its phones and shut down its website until the storm passed.