Shocking Start For Peace & Love

Sweden’s biggest festival overcame the jolt of having 17 people taken to hospital after lightning struck the site and chalked up another successful gathering June 26-30.

Peace & Love head of media relations Ronny Mattsson told Pollstar the incident didn’t turn out to be as dramatic as initial news reports had indicated and that none of the hospitalised music fans suffered serious injuries.

“It appears that they weren’t actually hit by lightning, but were standing near something that the lightning did strike,” he explained. “Maybe some didn’t need hospital treatment but we still felt that they should be admitted for checks and observation.”

A crowd of about 38,000 per day ensured that Peace & Love will once again be the country’s busiest festival ahead of Sweden Rock, the designated rock and metal fest that pulled a little more than 32,000 per day June 6-9.

The acts helping to bring a spark to Borlange, central Sweden, June 26-30 included Rihanna, Dropkick Murphys, Billy Idol, Mumford & Sons, Regina Spektor, and My Morning Jacket.