The video in question was one Bow Wow made for “Drank In My Cup” which spent approximately half of the almost 2:30 runtime focusing on a stripper.

However, the video’s clothing-challenged dancer – French adult film star Celine “Katsuni” Tran – is claiming foul, saying Bow Wow misappropriated her moves from a video by French band Electronic Conspiracy. The lawsuit also notes that a woman resembling Tran appeared in the video for up-close-and-personal moment with Bow Wow.

Tran also claims that her footage was illicitly used for promoting Bow Wow’s upcoming album, Underrated.

Tran’s lawyers, David Pierce and Azita Mirzaian of the Beverly Hills firm Pierce Law Group, filed the lawsuit in United States District Court Central District Of California. The lawsuit demands that Bow Wow and Universal Music Group pay Tran 75,000 plus punitive damages.

You can check it out yourself via the two videos embedded below. But we gotta warn you, aside from the stripper footage, the soundtrack for Bow Wow’s video might be NSFW. Of course, that depends on where you work. Here at Pollstar we’re constantly surrounded by the music industry’s legendary knack for debauchery, decadence and excess, making the Bow Wow vid seem about as raunchy as the sight of a basketful of kittens on a sunny day. With rainbows.