Lolla Israel

Perry Farrell’s wonderland of musical delights heads to Israel next year, staking out an August weekend in Tel Aviv.

Scheduled for Aug. 20-22 at Yarkon Park, Lollapalooza’s entry into the Middle East marks the latest addition to the festival’s global expansion. Already established in Chile and Brazil, Tel Aviv is now the third international host of the multi-day destination festival.

Home entertainment and music distributor and publisher NMC United along with production and promotion company Plug Productions Generator are bringing Lollapalooza to Israel. Of course, the folks behind Lollapalooza’s Chicago home – WME, Entertainment and C3 Presents – will be working the festival as well.

“Israel is an incredibly sophisticated music market,” Mark Geiger of WME Entertainment, a partner of Lollapalooza LLC, said. “Consumers have a voracious appetite for entertainment, yet there has never been a major music festival. To me, this combination screams Lollapalooza.”

A lineup has yet to be announced. So far, Lollapalooza’s 2013 calendar consists of Sao Paulo, Brazil (March 29-31), Santiago, Chile (April 6-7); Chicago (Aug. 2-4) and, of course, Tel Aviv (Aug. 20-22).