Fake I.D.s Fueled Identity Arrests

Police in Mansfield, Mass., have expressed concern over the number of minors using fake I.D.s during concerts at the Comcast Center following the recent “Identity” festival that was marred by two deaths, 19 hospitalizations and 45 arrests.

Drugs and alcohol were related to the deaths, the hospitalizations were drug related and the arrests included various drug charges, minors possessing alcohol, fake I.D.s, disorderly conduct and domestic assault and battery, authorities said.

Mansfield Police Chief Arthur O’Neill told the local Sun Chronicle “the game has changed” when it comes to identifying underage drinkers at these events.

“These are government-quality documents that are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye,” he said, explaining some police departments and businesses have had to purchase expensive card readers to detect the fakes.

“We take no pleasure in arresting young people, but we also recognize our sworn duty to protect the people of this great commonwealth, and those who visit us even if it means protecting them from themselves,” he added.

Aside from fake I.D.s, police and security teams have also apparently found underage drinkers using plastic water bottles, sports drink bottles and plastic flasks to sneak alcohol through pat-downs at the gate.

Artists at the “Identity” tour stop included Eric Prydz, Excision, Wolfgang Gartner, Nero, Paul van Dyk and many others.